Monday, 26 September 2011

Jolly Roger

One of the greatest logos ever designed. The skull and crossbone design know as the 'Jolly Roger' was commonly seen on flags and employed by pirates in the 17th -18th century. If you saw it, you were fucked.

Since the decline of piracy (or at least the kind which involved wooden legs and parrots) the logo has taken on a variety of new meanings. Both Alexander McQueen and Vivienne  Westwood have repurposed the marque to become an ironic fashion symbol. Wanky business men wear it hidden on cuff-links, it makes them feel hard and rebellious, it's used to highlight the usage of toxic chemicals and they even make kids clothes with it on. It works in mono. You can fax it. It's bad to the bone.

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  1. Nice.

    'Kult' Football club St Pauli (the first club to officially ban right-wing nonsense from the stands) have a great Jolly roger logo too: