Thursday, 8 December 2011

D&AD Student Awards 2012 - Tip #002

It was great to see so much enthusiasm at such an early hour this morning at the D&AD Student Awards Brief-in.

We talked a lot about how to read and interpret a brief and then put that into practice and it had a really good effect.

The other thing that came out that was really positive was seeing people work together to solve the brief. In the real world this is how all of the great work is created. I urge all students to collaborate somehow, even if it's with friends who aren't designers. Don't feel like you have to crack everything yourself.

Vince Frost told me to find the answer in the brief. And if you look at any Pentagram or Frost work, this philosophy really shines through.

A technique we use at v3 is to find a unique way to research a project. It's about going native. Most projects we work on are out of our comfort zone, so in order to go beyond the cliché it's important to really understand the area you're working in. The more unique you make this experience the better the result. And you can replay this in your presentation.

We also talked about breaking the rules. If you've got a great idea or approach that doesn't exactly fit the brief then go for it. You still absolutely have to answer the brief, it could just be in a more lateral way.

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