Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Lots have brands have the authority to de-clutter their logos, not just Apple and Nike. Maybe it's time they were braver?


  1. Actually, only Apple's logo here does not need any title text because it reads exactly like it looks.

  2. Starbucks just joined the exclusive club of de-clutered brands Apple and Nike. Yay for formerly-known-as-Starbucks company.

  3. The first thing I thought when I found out Apple had done it was 'At last, I don't have to drone on about Shell anymore'. I like the proposition and it is worth debating and in some cases it works, but for me personally, the concept of a brand taking the decision to de-clutter just for the sake of it or as a (possibly arrogant) show of brand awareness by the masses or even just for keeping-up-with-the-jonses is foolhardy at best. I feel, if you take the motor industry examples, for their identity to not include the marque and the typeface therein would weaken their identity. That aside this shows one thing: the logo is dead, long live the logo.