Monday, 31 October 2011

Grayson Perry at The British Museum

Love everything about this exhibition. From the de-masculined motorcycle that greets you at the entrance to the odyssey of weirdness inside. 

What comes through really strongly is Perry's craft skills. Pottery obviously, cast iron sculptures, painting, sketches, writing, all of his pieces stand up to the historical curated objects from The British Museum. I guess that's his point: everything was contemporary once. He also ask's us to think again about the historic pieces and appreciate their craft. 

It really works. Some pieces are hard to initially tell which are his and which are thousands of years old. He plays with this really well, taking inspiration and taking the piss. 

What I really love is his expert craft combined with absolute lunacy. You normally get one of these opposing qualities, rarely do you have the two in such abundance. 

Go see. 

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