Friday, 25 November 2011

D&AD Student Awards 2012

venturethree is proud to sponsor one of this years student briefs.

We chose the City as our focus partly because of our current work with Corney & Barrow, and partly because of an insight Mr. Bingo shared with us when he came to do a talk at v3. He said “Bankers don't have any decent PR, it's all in Shoreditch”. Which led him to create this...

So, can design change the way we feel about the people who, some argue, are responsible for our current woes? Because unless we change our financial system dramatically, we need these people. For our pensions, our mortgages, our credit cards, and yes, our student loans.

Students of the World... Great Britain needs YOU. 

1 comment:

  1. Do you think the same people that cause the current woes are the same that support pensions (what pensions!) mortgages, credit cards and student loans? I think there is the traditional layer of finance that we've had for a century, and a more recent abstract layer of hedge funding and leveraging, etc. that's a parasite on the other.

    great brief.